shadow namespace?

Jeff Lasman jblists at
Wed Oct 9 23:30:53 UTC 2002

Joseph S D Yao wrote:

> One way to do this is with two separate views, each containing a
> different version of the zone.  You would, perhaps, have all shared IP
> addresses in a separate file that is $INCLUDEd into both.  Any IP
> addresses that are only in one or the other might be in a separate
> $INCLUDE file, or in the zone file directly.

How about this way, Joseph (speaking for myself and my domain, of

The domain is  I've got public services, and private
machine names.  For example, www, mail, pop, etc., have published
internet-accessible IP#s, while machine names, such as jesse, elijah,
joshua, etc., have private IP#s.  It seems very convenient to me to just
list them all in my publically accessible zone-file.  Just what in the
way of security, or anything else, am I giving up, with this technique?


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