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Thu Oct 10 05:44:15 UTC 2002

--On 9. oktober 2002 19:08 -0700 Magesh Ruthrapathy <rmagesh_76 at> 
> The way we are configuring these right now is that we create a
> separate zone record and db file for each one of them.Our database is
> growing very rapidly and hence the number of db files.
> I guess that there will be a better way of handling this.Probably some
> one of you would already have faced this and felt it as an annoying
> issue.

One thing you can do is create several zones in your named.conf file but 
point them all to the same zonefile, like this:

zone "" {
  type master;
  file "";

zone "" {
  type master;
  file "";

And in "" you just use relative (not fully qualified) 
names, like this:
@	SOA	your.nameserver. someone.your.domain. (
		2002101001 ; serial
		28800 ; refresh
		7200 ; retry
		3024000 ; expire
		14400 ; negative
	NS some.nameserver.
	NS another.nameserver.
www	CNAME your.common.webserver.

Did this make sense? If I remember correctly, if you don't specify $ORIGIN 
in a zonefile, $ORIGIN will be set to the zone-name itself.

Eivind Olsen
eivind at

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