Dns setup...

Simon Waters Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk
Thu Oct 10 17:03:07 UTC 2002

PhilTheHill wrote:
>   208.13.4.zzz  (router with valid internet IP@)-----------LAN
> (192.160.10.X)
>                |
>                |
>                |
>                |
>   192.168.11.a (mail,news server)
>   192.168.11.b (web,ftp,dns server)
> I would like to setup dns server with this configuration, with port
> forwarding on the router... will i be able to contact my servers from
> outside ( i have no dns registration on my isp dns server). How is that
> possible?

You just advertise 208.14.3.zzz for everything in the DNS
(assuming the router does the port forwarding), and the port
forwarding takes care of it. Or did I miss a subtlety of the

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