Active Directory zone delegation on BIND 9

Cricket Liu cricket at
Fri Oct 11 00:47:33 UTC 2002

Tom Maddox wrote:
> Anyway, I'm setting up Active Directory to (theoretically) interact
> with BIND 9 on Linux.  Specifically, I want to delegate the four
> zones, _udp, _tcp, _msdcs, and _sites, to the Win2K box.  It looks
> like DNS is configured properly on the Win2K server, in that DNS is
> running, dynamic updates are permitted, and the name table appears to
> have all the appropriate entries for AD.  Here's what I've got in the
> master zone file:
> _msdcs                  NS      wbrdc
> _sites                  NS      wbrdc
> _tcp                    NS      wbrdc
> _udp                    NS      wbrdc
> "wbrdc" is the name of the domain controller that's performing name
> service.
> I'm clearly missing something, and it's probably something stupid.
> Any thoughts on what it is?

Well, does have an A record?  Are you sure
the Microsoft DNS Server is authoritative for just,,, and, rather


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