Active Directory zone delegation on BIND 9

Cricket Liu cricket at
Fri Oct 11 19:17:56 UTC 2002

Tom Maddox wrote:
> Cricket Liu <cricket at> wrote:
>> Are you sure
>> the Microsoft DNS Server is authoritative for just
>>,,, and
>>, rather than
> No, I'm not sure.  It looks like MS DNS is trying to make itself the
> authoritative server for all of, in fact.  I've fixed
> that, but the problem, which is that queries for SRV records in the AD
> domains fail, is still extant.
> Perhaps this is the root of my problem:
> Rather than explicitly create four separate zones on the Win2K DC,
> I've created one zone,, with the four AD subdomains.  I've
> essentially done that out of sheer laziness, as I assume that the four
> AD zones would not get automatically updated when, e.g., new domain
> controllers are added to the AD domain.
> 1)  Is that a false assumption?
> 2)  Do I just need to suck it up and create the four zones separately?

Yup.  And then make sure that your Domain Controllers try to
re-register their SRV records.  That should do it.


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