Problems classless in-addr delegation

Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Mon Oct 14 03:30:39 UTC 2002

% Hi!
% We are installing djbdns on a network with 1 server and 2 clients. The
% server has the IP address and the clients has 75 and 76
% as the last nr. We have already written:
% ./add-ns
% but the problem is that we must use classless in-addr arpa delegation
% and we only have the 3 IP addresses. Can someone explain this? How do
% I write the ./add-ns command for this? What is a zone? Is that useful?
% Regards
% Carl Olsson

	You might try asking djbdns questions on a list that discusses
	this package.  This list is for BIND.  BIND is not djbdns.


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