Chained notifies

Rodney Joffe rjoffe at
Mon Oct 14 05:04:13 UTC 2002

I have a strange situation, a possibly unique one.

In my configuration I have a bind 8 server (server A) established in a
dmz. I have a bind 8 server operating as a master in the open Internet
(server B). And I have a third bind 8 server behind a firewall in
rfc1918 address space (server C). I have a tunnel between server A and
server C, both of which function as slaves.

A zone in Server B is modified. Server B sends a notify to Server A.
Server A, using tsig, performs a transfer from Server B. Having
completed the transfer, I need server A to send a notify for the changed
zone to Server C.

Can anyone suggest a solution? I have to use the 3 server system - I
don't have an option due to the client's security firewall requirement.
I've not been able to find anything in the docs, but I'm sure I'm
missing something obvious.



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