Setting up DNS

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Mon Oct 14 14:33:35 UTC 2002

Basicly, you are going to need to edit the named.conf file on the primary 
server to tell it that your server is the secondary for the domain. On 
your server you are going to have to edit your named.conf file to say 
that it is the slave for the domain, and who the master server is. Once 
that is done, you will have to restart the named processes on both 
servers. At that point the master server should send the zonefile to the 
slave server. Whenever the zonefile gets changed on the master server and 
the serial number is incrimented then it will update all the salves so 
they have the same information. I will give you an example of how the 
named.conf entry would look on your server:

zone "thedomain.dom" {
type slave;
file "domains/thedomain.dom";

The "file" line is what dictates where the zone file will actually live 
or be stored. What I would suggest is copying it from one of the other 
entries in the named.conf file (if any) and just changing the domain 
name. If the file does not exist, it will be created in the first zone 

Be sure to increment the serial on the primary sone file.


On 10 Oct 2002 at 22:05, Marcelo Rizzo wrote:
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Subject:        	Setting up DNS
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> I am trying to setup a machine as a secondary DNS server. The primary is
> offsite and not connected to my internal network. My problem is that I am
> behind a NAT firewall with a private IP network. I have a machine setup
> with DNS to serve the internal network and it is working properly. But, I
> can't quite figure out how to set it up to serve both internal and
> external DNS queries. I red several articles on the matter and the more I
> read them the more I get confused. Please help.
> Thanks
> Marcelo
> My setup is RHL 7.3 with Bind 9.21. I also opened and forward port 53 on
> the router to the IP of the DNS server.

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