Two questions about the name server address sorting functiona lity

Johan Larsson (EAB) Johan.Larsson at
Mon Oct 14 16:58:54 UTC 2002

Hi Mark!

Do you know when BIND 9.3 will be available?

I also would like to know if the following features are going to be supported in BIND 9.3:

True Round Robin (not only random-cyclic as in BIND 9.1.3)?
Support to turn on debug from the rndc program (not yet implemented in BIND 9.1.3)?

Johan Larsson

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> Hi!
> I'm running a BIND 9.1.3 nameserver and I have some questions about the addre
> ss sorting functionality of the name server, which sometimes seems a bit stra
> nge to me.
> 1. When I have a sort list configured and I get a response containing multipl
> e IP adresses, any address matching an entry in the sort list should be prefe
> rred to the others. But if no IP addresses in the response matches any entry 
> in the sort list, it seems that the IP addresses are still returned in the sa
> me order, hence disabling the round-robin feature. Is this the correct behavi
> our?

	You will need BIND 9.3 to get this fix.

1224.   [bug]           'rrset-order' and 'sortlist' should be additive
                        not exclusive.

> 2. In "DNS and BIND", 4 ed. page 277 it says that BIND 4.x name servers have 
> a "default sortlist". I thought this behaviour was no longer present in BIND 
> 9.1.3., but it seems to me that if one of the IP addresses in a response belo
> ngs to the same subnet as any IP address of my DNS server, this IP address is
>  preferred to the others. If this is the case, is there any way to turn off t
> his behaviour?

	There is no default sortlist.
> Best Regards,
> Johan Larsson
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