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Mon Oct 14 22:02:35 UTC 2002

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> "Narayan, Krishnan" wrote:
> > Hi : I need help, since i am new to BIND. We have BIND 8.2 running.
> > need to put a entry for MX and A record. I would appreciate the
> The most foolproof way to do this is add a couple lines like:
> foo.example.com. in mx 0 mail.example.com.
> bar.example.com. in a

Did you mean:

mail.example.com	IN	A



> to the appropriate zone file. (Use whatever preference value you
> for the MX record, whatever IP you prefer for the A record, and of
> course whatever names you prefer throughout). Be careful to put a dot
> the end of all names you add, otherwise they might be misinterpreted.
> After you've added the lines, increment the serial number of the zone
> (it's the first numeric field in the SOA record), and then reload or
> restart your nameserver, so that it loads the new version of the zone.
> You would be wise to familiarize yourself with the syntax of zone
> The above syntax is "foolproof", but it's quite verbose, and if you
> always format your resource records this way, your zone file quickly
> becomes unreadable. Once you know what you are doing, in many cases
> should be able to use relative names (e.g. just "foo" instead of
> "foo.example.com.") or under the right circumstances, just
> leading-whitespace, in your resource records. This makes the zonefile
> much easier to read and maintain.
> - Kevin

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