Subdomain Delegation to Many DNS Servers

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Tue Oct 15 16:42:49 UTC 2002

Paulos Putremos <paulos at> wrote:

> hello folks

> i'm just about done setting up a system whereby 1 FQDN is loadbalanced
> between many sites and servers i.e.

> I'm using a Cobalt RaQ server running BIND 8.2.3 and using the GUI
> interface you can delegate authority for a subdomain to only 2
> nameservers. In the past I successfully managed to edit
> /etc/named/records to add a third nameserver but I can't get it right
> this time!

> here's the way the GUI sets it up in records:

> subdomain secure
> -

> and I need to add on the end of there too, but i
> can't get my colons and hyphens in the right place..

Remove the GUI or run the nameserver on a better box.

There is seldom excuses for GUI that hides a simple operation by
enforcing a more complex operation.

> Thanks in advance for any help/advice

> Paulos

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