Resolver issue

aljuhani aljuhani at
Wed Oct 16 09:04:05 UTC 2002


I think the probelm is with the itself. I checked the 
domain and there is no PTR record for it. I tried to ping
and also from here (Saudi Arabia) and I got an error 
saying "Bad IP Address" but the Ping from the Web ( showed some 

The records I have found for this domain are: MX IN 31806 [10] MX IN 31806 [5] NS IN 31805 NS IN 31805 A IN 23479 A IN 20487 A IN 79887 A IN 67779

To check further DNS Issues check the link below:

aljuhani at

>===== Original Message From "Peter Lingmen" <plingmen at> =====
>Hello all,
>I administrer an internal DNS and sendmail server for a company.  A couple
>of people internally are trying to send mail to  without
>success.  Any workstation internal to our network cannot resolve that
>domain.  Yet externally I've been told it works no problem.
>Our DNS forwards our request directly to the root servers... any ideas as to
>what the hell is going on?
>Thanks in advance!  Pete.

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