How to make Bind 9 "more clever" ?

Simon Waters Simon at
Wed Oct 16 10:15:29 UTC 2002

Ray Kao wrote:
> Bind 9 seems to be more strict, so it will not reply answer. Most of
> the cases, the remote domain's name servers are not all setting
> correctly or dead.. However, Bind 8 still answer the answer of such
> domains. How to config Bind 9 to be as "clever" (or maybe "loose") as
> Bind 8?

The only problem of this type I've seen is when a zone contains
an empty list of nameservers. BIND 9 believes the empty answer,
BIND 8 will restart with the glue from the zone above, and
ignore the lack of name servers for a domain.

I know of no workaround in BIND 9 other than fixing the zone
(which has much to recommend it).

Either behaviour would appear to meet the RFC's by my reading,
RFC1034/1035 are a little vague on what constitutes bad enough
to ignore. But there maybe an update in later RFC's I've missed.

I suspect BIND 9 does it this way, as it would make more sense
with DNSSEC when the answers would be unusuable I suspect.

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