Reverse PTR when WAN is Down

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Wed Oct 16 15:59:44 UTC 2002

Ephraim Silverberg <ephraim at> wrote:

> When the WAN is down, reverse-ptr does not work even between local hosts
> since the resolver is looking for a server for IN-ADDR.ARPA despite the
> fact that all the information for local hosts is available from the LAN
> nameserver.  Any idea how I can get reverse-ptr resolution for local hosts
> to work even when the WAN is down?

Have the clients ask the nameserver that is master or slave for 
0.65.132.IN-ADDR.ARPA.   As an alternative, if you use a 
separate caching-only server that the client uses, forward that zone
to the master/slaves.

< zonefile removed >

> Any assistance would be appreciated.
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