Resolve different domains to different DNS servers?

Michael E. Hanson MEHanson at
Wed Oct 16 18:18:12 UTC 2002

Why not put a DNS server at the remote location, configure it to be
secondary for your "internal" namespace with your main office DNS as
"master" and configure it with a forwarder to the remote office's ISP
provided DNS for anything it can't answer directly.  Then configure the
clients in the remote office to use their local DNS.  This will solve their
problem with Internet access, AND greatly reduce the DNS traffic over your
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> Can I do the following:
> >From a Windows client, have all DNS requests with "normal" TLDs (.com,
> .net, .org, etc.) to go one DNS server, but all requests that don't
> specify a TLD go to a different DNS server?
> Why? A branch office with Internet access and a VPN to the main office
> uses the main office DNS. If the VPN is down for some reason, they
> still want to access the Internet. If I can split the requests at the
> client, I solve the issue.
> Thanks
> Mike

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