Newbie needs help : Bind upgrade

Simon Waters Simon at
Thu Oct 17 08:38:41 UTC 2002

Elias wrote:
> How should I upgrade an old bind installation. Do I need to recompile bind on every single machine that I want to upgrade or can I just compile it on one machine (same hardware spec, OS, etc) and copy over the named and named-xfer binaries? What is the normal practice? Thanks!

named-xfer is a BIND 8 thing, so depending how far you are
upgrading may disappear.

Most OSes have at least 9.2.1 prepackaged by the OS vendor these
days, so if you can stay with a properly packaged versions it
should make your software management a lot easier. The source
tar ball for 9 has some migration documentation in, which are
worth a read.

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