Newby in Pain

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Thu Oct 17 12:00:31 UTC 2002

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> Whoa, hey there, no need to attack me as being socially irresponsible!  I
> had no idea a resolver - whatever that is - would be "wasting its time"
> sending me anything.  As far as the possibility of having my registrar host
> the DNS, I'll check into that... but I was really hoping to learn a little
> about BIND by going through the process myself, and utilize a domain which I
> have owned for the last 2 years.

You might want to look into using granitecanyon as your DNS service.  It's
free and you can use "unpublicshed primary DNS". With that setup, you tell
your registrar that granitecanyon is your primary DNS, but actually
configure granitecanyon as a slave, referencing your machine.  This way,
your addresses resolve, even when your machine is offline.  That's how
they recommend dealing with situations like yours where you have a static
IP, but your machine is intermittently offline.

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