Bind server behind a proxy

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Fri Oct 18 22:48:12 UTC 2002

alkaid wrote:

> Hello, I succeded installing bind but i have a problem with the domain name
> resoluton under a terminal.
> In fact when i type : ping
> google : unknown host
> and this append even if i configure linux with the dns ip of my provider.
> So I can't acces internet through a terminal.It's a proxy which share internet
> connection in my LAN. Where the problem ? How configure linux to access internet
> from terminals ?

You need to do a lot better job of explaining your setup.

What do you mean by "terminal"?

What node or nodes are running Linux?

What kind of proxy is it?

Where are all of the nodes in relation to the proxy and the Internet?

Are you or are you not running some sort of nameserver/resolver/DNS-proxy service
*on* the proxy?

If you're behind a proxy, why would you expect to be able to ping sites like directly?

- Kevin

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