Strange lookup problems

Eivind Olsen eivind at
Sun Oct 20 11:00:25 UTC 2002

--On 19. oktober 2002 23:21 +0200 Dennis Kristensen <dennis at> 
> I have the folowing strange DNS problem.
> Locally on my DNS server  i can correctly resolve adresses for all served
> zones.
> All outside lookups gives the same answer (= the machine it self).

Hello. Just a wild guess - is your machine behind a Cisco 677 DSL-router? 
(or behind any other Cisco-router with CBOS)?
If so, it's the Cisco that is mangling the packets. When it sees traffic 
coming from port 53 internally going to the outside, it mangles the 
contents of the DNS-packets.
One work-around is to for example run BIND on another port (for example 
port 54) on the inside (perhaps in addition to the normal port 53) and then 
map the external port 53 to internal port 54 on the Cisco. This seems to 
prevent the packet-mangling.

If you are _not_ behind a Cisco DSL-router then I don't have any clue what 
the problem can be.

Eivind Olsen
eivind at

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