gone! any free secondary NS service?

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Mon Oct 21 20:42:35 UTC 2002

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> >> > There has been essentially no change in service
> >>
> >> There's one change perhaps worth mentioning.  UltraDNS does not
> >> support wildcard CNAME records the way BIND does.  [...]
> >
> > A wildcard CNAME is meaningless, and BIND is wrong to "support"
> > ("allow") it.
> It's not meaningless. it's valid and has a specified semantics.  It's
> not very usefull.  Agreed that BIND's behavior does not match the
> standard.

How can you have a wildcard CNAME RR without violating the No Other Data
law for CNAME RRs?  In other words, if what ever is on the left side of
a CNAME cannot be anywhere else, and a wildcard means everything...
Well, you know the rest...


> But the fact that existing users may be adversely affected by the
> change at remains true, and (IMO) "worth mentioning".
> if my phrasing implied anything else.  I tried to be carefull, but...
> - Fred

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