multiple domain problem

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Oct 21 23:30:35 UTC 2002

surabhi parakh wrote:

> Can anyone tell me how to set up multiple domains on one web/mail server.i
> amusing BIND 8.2.2
> >From reading archives I know that:
> 1) i have to create a primary zone in named.conf for my second
> domain)
> 2) create a file .But can anyone suggest the contents of the db
> file. will it be identical to my first domains db file as the name server
> andemail servers are same.

That question may seem simple to answer, but actually it's not, since there are
many different ways to format zone files. Depending on how it is formatted, it
may be "portable" to your new zone, or it may not.

Really, you should invest the time to understand the format of zonefiles. Then
you will be able to judge for yourself whether the zonefile is usable as is or
not. It will also allow you to maintain the zonefile(s) as you make changes and
additions in the future. I'd suggest either reading the relevant RFCs (1034 &
1035, with updates from 2308), or, for a more comprehensive and approachable
guide/reference, the _DNS_and_BIND_ book from O'Reilly (latest version is
Fourth Edition).

> 3) what about resolv.conf.currently i have an entry as:
>     domainname
>    nameserver x.x.x.x

Well, "domainname" is not a valid /etc/resolv.conf directive, so I'll assume
none of your clients are currently relying on domain-name completion, and that
makes the answer a lot simpler: you don't need to change your /etc/resolv.conf.

If that had been "domain" instead of "domainname", the answer would be harder,
since in that case it would be possible that some of your clients are relying
on domain-name completion...

- Kevin

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