FW: Is bind 9.2.1 allowed "_" in dns name?

Julie Xu j.xu at uws.edu.au
Tue Oct 22 03:32:53 UTC 2002

Does anyone use a dns-name which include "_"? Please let me know if yes.

If no, how can stop DDNS to assign a DNS name which include "_"?

Many regards

Julie Xu

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Information Technology Directorate
University of Western Sydney
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Julie Xu wrote:

> Any one help me?
> I test it and it seems ok, but, I still want to know that does any
> problem occur if a SND name includes "_" or other strange characters.
> We want start to think about DDNS, and as I understand the bind8 have
> problem with the sign "_".
> Can I get some advice about the problem when you first time use DDNS?
> Any comments will be appreciated
> Thanks in advance
> Julie Xu

The underscore has never been a valid character in either host domain
Its in the RFC. A-Z, 0-9 and the hyphen "-" as long as the hyphen is not

the first or last character in the host/domain name.

Underscores started creeping into names when Bill and his evil minions 
ignored the RFC and created their own naming schemes.



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