Newbie question: exposing a "sub" domain

Beau E. Cox beau at
Wed Oct 23 01:57:24 UTC 2002

Thank you Kevin - I'll try that
(put "" in the
"" zone.)

Aloha => Beau.

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"Beau E. Cox" wrote:

> Hi -
> I have bind 9 up and running on my Linux server.
> I have a registered domain, say "".
> Can I expose "" to the
> external world, or do I have to register my
> nameserver or ""?
> In a nutshell:
> If a public nameserver out there in i-land gets
> a request to go to "", does it:
> 1> look up ""
> 2> It will not be found.
> 3> then, lookup "" -or- fail?

If you already have registered and are already hosting it
successfully, then you can add the name "" to that
DNS zone and everyone should be able to resolve it. Same goes for names
underneath, e.g. "".

However, if you want "" to be served by a
different set of nameservers than those which serve "", e.g.
so that the "someplace" folks can maintain their own branch of the
DNS tree, then you need to delegate a subzone, and that is a lot more
complicated than simply adding names to the zone. I won't
go into the details unless that's what you're actually intending to do.


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