No access to internal web server from internal machine! Need a fix.

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Oct 23 03:28:48 UTC 2002

Brian Huether wrote:

> I have been researching this a lot and it seems it is not trivial. Some
> people have said I need another DNS server, others have said split DNS is
> the key (are those solutions one in the same?).
> I have a machine win XP using IIS) attached to a DSL router that is serving
> a web page. It has
> Ip as assigned by the router. When I type the host name from an
> external computer I get the index.htm file. But when I type it from an
> internal machine, I get my router configuration utilty. I am using
> to make the host name always get mapped to the router IP. That
> is working fine. But when on internal machines, the traffic on port 80 is
> not being forwarded to Anyone have any ideas? Is this a router
> config issue or is it deeper? Here is a screen shot of the router NAT info
> that I set up:

I don't know much about NAT and port forwarding, but offhand it sounds like you
either need to set up your router to internally port-forward port 80 to your
webserver (this will probably require you to move the port that the router uses
for its config utility to some other port besides 80), or you need to run
"split DNS" so that on the inside network, clients resolve the name to the
internal address so they go to the webserver directly without having to
traverse the router. A search on the archives of this list of the phrase "split
DNS" should turns up lots of hits...

- Kevin

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