broken external queries

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Oct 23 03:35:27 UTC 2002

danny webster wrote:

> Hi all,
> i'm currently in the throes of implementing new DNS servers based on the
> latest Bind8.
> However, the primary new DNS server is sitting on the same network
> as the existing primary, and i'm trying to configure the new DNS server
> using the same domain. This is probably where my problem lies, but
> I can resolve all of the nodes on our network using the zonefiles copied fr5om
> the existing primary (via a sed command to change the hostname of the NS to the new one)
> Now i cannot resolve external hosts! upon snooping the interface, I can see that
> the box is contacting root servers, but not following up with the resolution.
> Returns with Non-existant...

Try mimicking your nameserver's resolution algorithm. Pick a name, any name, e.g. Send a non-recursive query for to a root server, look at the
response. Send a non-recursive query for to one of the servers in the
Authority Section of the previous response (you'll need to use "dig" or nslookup's
"debug" mode to see the Authority Section contents of responses). Keep doing this until you
get a "terminal" response (e.g. NXDOMAIN or an actual answer), or a timeout. This should
help isolate the problem.


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