Is bind 9.2.1 allowed "_" in dns name?

Jim Reid jim at
Wed Oct 23 17:37:32 UTC 2002

>>>>> "Gregory" == Gregory Hicks <ghicks at> writes:

    >> > So, when did underscores > become legal in hostnames?
    >> I didn't say they had.  I said that BIND 9 name servers don't
    >> do name checking.

    Gregory> But given the way the set of characters is specified in
    Gregory> the RFC, the syntax (char set...?) for a host name should
    Gregory> be checked for legality...

Indeed. But that checking should be done elsewhere, not in the name
server. For instance, applications that expect a certain set of
characters (or whatever) from the DNS should check that they get
answers containing syntactically or semantically correct data. They
should not assume that someone else's name server will protect them
from getting "bad data".

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