Disappearing Domain

Thomas Renzy thomas.renzy at veritas.com
Wed Oct 23 18:28:56 UTC 2002


What registrar is responsible for this domain? Have you looked at the root
servers to see if they have the proper delegations?

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From: Greg Smolyn [mailto:smolyn at cs.ubc.ca]
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Subject: Disappearing Domain

I've recently set up a bind installation to run several domains off of 
one server.

The domains are registered with several registrars, but their 
configurations are nearly identical and 2 out of 3 seem to work just fine.

However, one domain: eplyweddings.com seems to work only intermittantly. 
    A dig lookup will sometimes return the right records, but every now 
and then returns nothing.  When it _does_ return nothing, if I redo the 
query a few times, it eventually will work.

This seems to be the case all over the net.  Any ideas?

Here's my named.conf and eplyweddings.com zone file:

options {
         directory "/var/named";

zone "." IN {
    type hint;
    file "root.hints";

zone "0.0.127.in-addr.arpa" {
   type master;
   notify no;
   file "zone/127.0.0";

zone "eply.com" {
  type master;
  notify yes;
  file "zone/eply.com";

zone "eplyweddings.com" {
   type master;
   notify yes;
   file "zone/eplyweddings.com";

zone "eply.ca" {
  type master;
  notify yes;
file "zone/eply.ca";


@       IN      SOA     ns.eply.ca. hostmaster.eplyweddings.com. (
                         2002102002       ; serial, todays date + todays
                         8H              ; refresh, seconds
                         2H              ; retry, seconds
                         4W              ; expire, seconds
                         1D )            ; minimum, seconds
                 NS      ns.eply.ca.
                 NS      dns2.gridfx.com.
                 MX      10 mail  ; Primary Mail Exchanger
                 TXT     "Eply Weddings"
localhost             A
eply                  A
www                   A
ns              CNAME   ns.eply.ca.
ftp             CNAME   eply
mail            CNAME   eply
news            CNAME   eply

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