trying to get forwarding working - domain name appended twice

Cricket Liu cricket at
Wed Oct 23 20:13:05 UTC 2002

Rob L wrote:
> I have a BIND 8 dns server (Solaris 8).  I'm trying to set it up to
> forward all queries to domain "" to be sent to another DNS
> server that has the records for  When I set it up and try an
> nslookup for, it doesn't work.  I do a snoop on the DNS
> server and see that the domain name has been apended twice. 
> Everything has been running fine for months. My server hosts 2x zones
> and around 6 reverse records.  Any ideas? 

Sounds like the resolver's search list is being applied to the queries.
Try looking up (with a trailing dot) to see if it works.


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