nameservers and IP

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Oct 24 00:16:21 UTC 2002

dick hoogendijk wrote:

> I do have one other question that feels inportant. I received a letter
> from a technical guy who takes care of the CX root domain, stating that
> there can (or may) be only *one* nameserver on a specific IP address.
> I run a primary nameserver for three domains I own. The three zonefiles
> mention as their primary nameserver:
> -
> - dito
> - dito
> This guy of CX states this is wrong and all domains should refer to the
> same (one) nameserver (i.e.
> Do you know if that's true of is it just a bad habit but working fine?
> A.f.a.i.k. all domains can be resolved right now, so is it worth the
> trouble of changing the cx-domains again?

Technically, it works fine to have multiple references to the same
IP address, even for names which are delegated nameservers, as long as any
glue records which are necessary are present in the parent zone. Since you
rely on the .CX registry to add and maintain these glue records, it seems
to me like they have every right to impose rules against multiple
references if they choose to do so.

- Kevin

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