Is bind 9.2.1 allowed "_" in dns name?

Julie Xu j.xu at
Thu Oct 24 05:22:47 UTC 2002

Thanks Cricket, Thanks Centurion, David, Gregory, Jim, Joseph.

I have interoperated your mails as the underscore will not cause problem
to named server.  That is enough for me to go step further for
implementing bind with DDNS + mysql.

I tried to find the documentation of DDNS, but, I have not found
anything. Could you please give me a tip - where is the document which
can help me to configure DDNS. 

Any comments will be appreciated

Thanks in advance 

Julie Xu

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Information Technology Directorate
University of Western Sydney
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> Julie Xu wrote:
> > Any one help me?
> >
> > I test it and it seems ok, but, I still want to know that does any
> > problem occur if a SND name includes "_" or other strange
> >
> > We want start to think about DDNS, and as I understand the bind8
> > problem with the sign "_".
> It doesn't have problems with underscores, per se; it doesn't allow
> hostnames with underscores in them, by default, to protect resolvers
> that might interpret the underscores specially.
> > Can I get some advice about the problem when you first time use
> BIND 9 doesn't do name checking, so you can use underscores in
> domain names.
> cricket
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