Different DNS resolutions from 2 servers

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Thu Oct 24 11:04:59 UTC 2002

Donald E. Foss <donald at coloexperts.com> wrote:

> The recursive servers in question are for the one that
> doesn't work correctly.  Pick any other server or a root server for one
> that does work correctly.

You will have to remove the zone from :
stonewallkitchen.com.   1D IN NS        dns1.registeredsite.com.
stonewallkitchen.com.   1D IN NS        dns2.registeredsite.com.
stonewallkitchen.com.   1D IN NS        dns3.registeredsite.com.
dns1.registeredsite.com.  15M IN A
dns2.registeredsite.com.  15M IN A
dns3.registeredsite.com.  15M IN A

they seem to be your old nameservers, and they will continue to
emit faulty answers ( with the AA bit set) for as long as they
stay configured to.

> Donald E. Foss

> On Thu, 24 Oct 2002 00:12:33 +0000, Mark_Andrew wrote:

>> 	Turn off the old nameservers or make them slaves and then
>> 	turn them off once all the TTL referencing them have expired.
>> 	At the moment the old nameservers are refreshing the NS
>> 	RRset everytime they are queried.
>> 	Mark
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