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Thu Oct 24 14:48:35 UTC 2002

I am also now receiving these from another 2 IP addresses in Mexico. Again,
because of your advice I am not concerned and post merely out of interest.
The IPs are and, and are assigned to a
completely different company.

The records they are trying to insert are *exactly* the same..., and I mean
exactly - even down to the machine-specifc portions of the records... which
leads me to think that this may be more than a simple screw-up on someone's

Maybe I am being overly paranoid, maybe not (here's some examples):

client query: IN
client query: IN

client query: IN SOA
client query: IN SOA

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>I am getting bombarded with entries in my query and syslog files. Here is a
>small subset:
>BIND query.log:
>client query: IN SRV

Some MS GUI jockey randomly clicking on radio buttons has screwed up his MS 

>client query: IN SRV

These are queries for MS Active Directory services, located via SRV records.

The underscore domain names, their queries, and SRV records are strictly 
intranet items that should never leak out to public internet.

Like MS's other famous screw up of making all w2k/xp OS's "register" their 
A records with DNS (ie, run as dynamic zone updaters) by default, these SRV 
thingies are harmless other than filling up your logs and wasting your 

In bind,

options {blackhole {address_match_list } ; };

... will minimize the effects on your BIND machine.


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