Bind 8.2 : DNS help

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Oct 24 21:45:14 UTC 2002

"Narayan, Krishnan" wrote:

> Hi All: I need help , I have configured an SOA record on the DNS server
> for a customer of ours , for some reason it is not updating , meaning
> when you query the domain , it points to our DNS servers as
> authoritative, but there are not propagating information out.

First of all, surely you mean you configured more than just an SOA record
-- a zone must at least have NS records in addition to the SOA record.

Secondly, unless you're talking about master/slave interactions,
DNS information does not "propagate [...] out" (and, even in the case of
master/slave, the standards-defined method is a "pull" by the slave from
the master, not a "push" from the master to the slave).

Thirdly, how is the domain delegated from its parent domain?

- Kevin

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