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Alain Morency morencyalain at
Fri Oct 25 18:08:00 UTC 2002

Alain Morency wrote:

>I have load-balancers equipments that handles DNS queries for
>certain host to load-balance between multiple servers for redundancy.
>These load-balancers are in the intranet behind a firewall.
>Because i don't want all DNS servers on the internet to query my
>load-balancers, i put a rule in my firewall to accept only DNS query
>from my ISP's DNS (DNS1). DNS1 is authoritative for
>Unfortunatly, i don't have any access on DNS1 configuration.
>I told them to add a forward zone like in following example.
> and are the load-balancers' addresses.
>zone "" in
>       {
>            type forward;
>            forwarders {;; };
>            forward only;
>       };
>   The problem is, i see no query coming from DNS1 on the firewall.
>   I used the same configuration in my lab with Bind 8.2.4 as DNS1
>   and it worked.
>   What is wrong ?

What you've set up simply won't work.  Forward zones only apply to
recursive queries, and your ISP's name servers will only receive non-
recursive queries for data in

You need to let arbitrary name servers on the Internet query your
load balancers.


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Hi again,

First question  :
Is there a way to have the same behavior I need,
with or without forward zones, if I don't want to let arbitrary name
servers on the Internet query my load balancers ?

Second question :
Right now, even if I set DNS1 as my name server (using nslookup in my
resolver), I can't resolve , is it normal ?

Thank you for your help,


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