Out of Memory Problem

Mark_Andrews at isc.org Mark_Andrews at isc.org
Mon Oct 28 01:47:54 UTC 2002

> Hello All, 
>   I am running a cache only resolver(bind 9.2.2rc1) on a HPUX 11.00 machine 
> with 256Mb memory(A400 server). The server is dedicated only to bind. Every 
> time that the cache size gets around 65Mb the server stop to resolv named, 
> but the named still running. The only thing that i notice on the logs is the 
> following message... 
> Oct 27 22:10:48 resolve1 named[8873]: Oct 27 22:10:48.937database: warning: 
> cache cleaner could not create iterator: out of memory 
> This is happening during the most busy hours of the day when the resolver is 
> getting about 500 reqs/sec. Is there any change that i am running out of 
> memory? How can I limit the cache size? 
> Attached are the top and the syslog messages. 
> Daniel 

	I would be upping the per process datasize limit from 64M.

	options {
		datasize 128M;

	The cache size can also be limited (max-cache-size).  Note
	in 9.2 this does not apply to the adb cache.  In 9.3 it also
	applies to the adb cache.

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