noob question multiple db files, soa's and mx records.

Joe Oaks trell at
Mon Oct 28 21:42:33 UTC 2002

Hello guru's

I have been running bind for a little over 2 years now but don't fully
it and how to configure it very well.

I started out with a single domain name, running mail, ftp, http,
standard stuff, no big deal. Now however we have multiple domains (mainly
this too was no big deal. However this has grown to a need of having
mx records, and I'm unsure how to update this.

Each domain has its own db file and mx record, and this part was the part
that was
messed up and I'm trying to fix. We run qmail as our mail server and for a
this was fine one instance controlling all domains. I'm in the process of
up a separate instance of qmail for each domain, and for that I need to get
dns setup correctly.

My question to you guys is this,
1) has multiple ip's, and I want to bind to and to say imp, but I'm
   in how to do this in the db files. trells and bazalar each have there own
   db file.

Once I can get an understanding of how to do this I can then setup the mx
Would I make the mx line like
a) @               IN      MX      10
b)	IN	MX		10

and then the mx line similar, using the actual ip instead of
the @?

I'm sorry for my ignorance, and I hope I have explained what I'm trying to
do, as
I have no other way of explaining it or searching for it :(


also on a side note, in the soa second line i.e.     IN      SOA (
for the other domains, i.e. what would I put here, since its the
machine?     IN      SOA (

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