Updating zone files without restarting the service.

Simon Waters Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk
Wed Oct 30 00:11:39 UTC 2002

Yaro wrote:
> > I'm wanting to learn what to do after updating zone data with new
> > information without having to restart the service. It seems with the way
> > I've got things setup after updating I have to restart the service. There
> > must be a more efficient way.
> i use:
> pgrep named (the result is process_no)
> kill -HUP process_no
> ping www.just_added.com
> www.just_added.com is alive
> don,t know any other method

Use of signals is frowned upon, in case the authors redefine
them, the appropriate method would be the {r}ndc method in
Cricket's response (which is less typing as well).

Do signals even work on the Microsoft implementations? I assume
they would if you have the tools to send them.

The main alternative to Cricket's suggestion is to use dynamic
DNS, when zone changes (if not adding or removing zones), take
place immediately, but that might be hard work for someone who
is still mastering static zone files.

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