type forward problem

magiciq_pop3.concepts.nl magiciq at noordbrabant.net
Wed Oct 30 09:30:25 UTC 2002

Hi all,

Problem with name resolve in HP-Unix BIND 8.2.5. using "forwarder"
We have 2 DNS's. DNS 1 works fine without problem when we want to resolve a 
name using "type forward", but DNS 2 doesn't work. The /etc/named.conf, 
resolv.conf, hosts and nsswitch.conf are the same, just copy from DNS 1 to DNS 
2 (only the ip-address is modified to DNS2).

So I have not idea why one work and the second not, even the .conf are the 
Here below is the printout of the nslookup.

root at dns2#nslookup internet.test.com                                   
Server:  dns2.home.com                                                    
Address:  x.x.x.x

*** dns2.home.com can't find internet.test.com: Server failed

Do you know what could be wrong in DNS 2??

Please let me know,

Thanks advance,



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