Round robin using dynamic updates

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Oct 30 19:37:22 UTC 2002

"Miguel A. Paramio" wrote:

> Hello, we are running bind 9.2.1 in our dns. Our problem is that we
> have several locations, each one with its own dns (primary dns) and in
> each location there is a domain controller. When these domain
> controllers register in the dns, it appears as an A register without
> the name attached to A like this one

> $TTL 600        ; 10 minutes
>                         A
>                         A
>                         A
>                         A
>                         A
>                         A
>                         A
>                         A

There's no such thing as a "nameless" resource record in DNS. If that's
an extract from a working DNS master file, then the name is being
inherited from the closest non-blank owner name above it. If that were at
the top of a master file, the master file would be invalid and the zone
would fail to load.

> According to bind 9, it is working as random-cyclic, however since
> this A register is not a common one, when the client is trying to
> authenticate to its local DC and this one is not available, it gets
> these A values which are not local, and it always gets them in the
> same order. How can I make this as round-robin ???.

Whatever nameserver the clients are querying directly for DNS is
responsible for the sort order of the RRset. Is that a BIND nameserver or
some other kind of nameserver? If it's a non-BIND nameserver, then we
can't really help you here, since this is a BIND list. If it's a
BIND nameserver, then look in your named.conf for any rrset-order or
sortlist options that might be changing the default sort order.

- Kevin

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