Active Directory Integration

Cricket Liu cricket at
Thu Oct 31 06:16:41 UTC 2002

michael.wilkinson at wrote:
> We are in the process of moving our data center and there has been
> some planning unbeknownst to us at the new facility
> to migrate to Active Directory during the move... Since the busy bees
> out there have been putting together a project plan
> to do this and we have been concentrating on the move and
> implementing a new finacials system we are totally not ready
> for a meeting that has been called tomorrow where this will be jammed
> down our throats.
> Anyway, I am looking for any information, gotchas, ammunition, or
> whatever so we can talk at least half way intelligently
> in this meeting. Maybe just some key concepts and things to watch out
> for as it relates to BIND integration, strategies to
> consider, why it is a bad idea to fall back and migrate to Windows
> 2000 DDNS, etc...
> Currently,  we use Cisco Network Registrar to manage out internal
> namespace and BIND 9.2 for our externally. I don't
> if we can continue to run split-brain with AD...

I wrote an article for the March, 2001, issue of Linux Magazine on
integrating BIND and Windows 2000 that you might find useful.  It's
available at


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