non-recursive request to forwarders

Valentin Nechayev netch at
Thu Oct 31 09:20:27 UTC 2002

How to setup named to query names from forward servers for particular zone
using nonrecursive queries?

We found it is very comportable to specify forwarders for specific zones
to be independent of connectivity to the world. But for some zones, it is
impossible to use only servers which are recursive for us. A real example:
average large ISP in Ukraine has good and stable connectivity over Ukraine
and much less stable (and more expensive) connectivity to world. Specifying
zone "ua" { type forward; forwarders { ... }; }; with list of forwarders mostly
based in Ukraine saves nameservers to resolve queries for *.ua even when
reloaded during world connectivity failure. Similarly, it is useful to
record a bunch of other large providers. But named sends recursive
queries, and admins of these nameservers send complaints.

Of course, admin of such nameserver will track changes in NSes for the zone
specified as forward. But for TLD these changes are known for a few months
before real change ;)


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