Wildcard CNAME

Warrick FitzGerald wfitzgerald at LiveTechnology.com
Thu Oct 31 14:54:19 UTC 2002

Hi All,

I currently sit with a rather painful DNS problem that I am hoping some
someone can help me with.

We provide a solution for our clients to point a domain ... lets say X.com
to one of our IP Addresses and then based on the prefix of the domain used,
we generate content on our web pages dynamically.

The problem with this solution is that they currently setup an A Record that
looks something like this

*.X.com    IN    A

This of course works fine and dandy until you need to change the IP Address
that these users are pointed at :( ... At which time I start phoning
customers and organizing the largest project management nightmare you have
ever seen.

My ideal solution would be of my client to have a wildcard CNAME setup  ...
something like this :

*.X.com    IN    CNAME    Domain.ThatIControl.com

Then of course I would have an A record on my End that would be

Domain.ThatIControl.com   IN    A


I have spoken to our DNS vendor about this .... and the response that I got
was that RFC 1034 does not support this ... can someone please explain why
to me ... or even better suggest a better solution.

Warrick FitzGerald
LiveTechnology Holdings Inc.

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