localhost and rndc.conf in BIND 9

Doug Barton DougB at dougbarton.net
Wed Jan 1 04:35:34 UTC 2003

Simon Waters wrote:
> Doug Barton wrote:
>>Simon Waters wrote:
>>>Jun Wang wrote:
>>>>I am using BIND 9 and wondering in which zone file I
>>>>can put "localhost" record, even I have it in
>>>>/etc/hosts? For example:
>>>>localhost.   IN    A
>>>"localhost." belongs in the root zone so "you" probably can't
>>>put it there.
>>Incorrect. There is no localhost. zone in the real root zone,
> I never said there was, just that is where it would go.

But you are incorrect on that point. That's what I'm trying to get 
across. There is no difference between "localhost" as a zone on your 
local server, and "example.com" on your local server. By your 
definition, both belong "in the root zone," whatever that means.

>>and there
>>is nothing stopping you from creating a localhost zone on your local server:
> No, but if you think this constitutes putting it in the root
> zone your view of the DNS is somewhat different to mine ;-)

I think that's obvious. :) But you were the one who brought up the root 
zone (why I'm not sure). The original poster just wanted to know (as you 
quote above) "in which zone file I can put 'localhost' record," which is 
what I was explaining.


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