keys for rndc and for TSIG

Jun Wang etcwaju at
Fri Jan 3 05:57:37 UTC 2003

I created rndc.key, rndc.conf and named.conf according
to BIND 9 Ref manual, every worked just fine.

But once I put a "key" statement in named.conf for
server-to-server authentication, I can not run "rndc"
any more, and got error response:
"rndc: connection to remote host closed This may
indicate that the remote server is using an older
version of the command protocol, this host is not
authorized to connect, or the key is invalid."

also, the syslog shows "Jan  2 21:39:23 sparc5
named[153]: [ID 866145 daemon.warning]
/usr/local/etc/named.conf:6: couldn't find key
'local_key' for use with command channel"

It looks like once I put "key" statement in
named.conf, "rndc" can not find its key any more,
which is referenced in rndc.conf and rndc.key.

Once I removed the "key" statement in named.conf,
"rndc" starts working again.

Thanks a lot, waju

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