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Fri Jan 3 15:44:43 UTC 2003

Nilesh Naik <qmailindia at> wrote:

> Hi All=20

>    pls suggest me which version of bind is most stable
> and reliable , i needs to install it on the redhat
> linux system , right now i am running bind 9.1.0 on
> slave  and bind 8.2.3-REL on master servers, and
> facing hell lot of problems with it , so i need the
> version of bindwhich is tested on redhat system and
> know to be stable and reliable=20

The most stable combination seems to be FreeBSD and
bind 9.2.1=20=20

OpenBSD is ok too. Redhat ? could be if you maek a careful
installation and remove all "linuxconf" stuff.

FreeBSD has a "pretested" "port" of bind-9.2.1, installed=20
by simply :
cd /usr/ports/net/bind9 ; make

OpenBSD has simular features. Both are free as speech

> regards
> Prashant=20=20

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