IPv6 root dns name resolution?

Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Sat Jan 4 23:49:54 UTC 2003

% >       Queries coming in
% >	over IPv6 transport will be ignored since the roots do 
% >	not have IPv6 transport visability.
% I though f.root-servers.net had an Ipv6 address. Actually, both f
% and h seem to have IPv6 addresses, according to www.root-servers.org
% (not that I can get them to respond to a "dig ns . @ipv6addr"
% currently).

	B has had an IPv6 address for a couple years now as has

% Our of curiosity (and if they were working), what would happen if
% you added AAAA records to your local hints file?

	The IPv6 DNS testbed has been working well for about four
	years.  Works well.

% 	David.

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