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Mon Jan 6 01:25:22 UTC 2003

Rob Payne wrote:

> 0) Your authoritative name servers are misconfigured or configured so
>    that changes on the master are not propagated to the slave server
>    when the changes happen.  See RFC 1996 regarding NOTIFY, and the
>    REFRESH and RETRY settings within your zone.

Thanks for reminding me of that one, Rob <smile>.

> What kind of network would that be, in #3 where #3 and #4 are
> separate?

Specifically a small network (perhaps run by a small company), perhaps
even one on an intermittent (read: dialup) connection (still common for
a lot of demon users in the UK for example) that might be running their
own DNS locally so as to avoid triggering dialup each time someone on
the local network calls for it.  This used to be a common cause of
problems with dialup businesses using Winproxy, for example.  Then of
course they could be dialing in through AOL, which may not be, but
experience shows seems to be, cacheing DNS beyond TTL.

> Any server that is caching data beyond the TTL limit is
> broken (hint: misconfigured is effectively equal to broken.)  A client
> program that is caching beyond the TTL is just as broken as a server
> doing the same thing.  Yes, there are lots of them that are broken.

It appears to me that when I'm using a Windows computer my browser
caches DNS until I shut it down.  I don't know if it's the browser or
something else; I really neither understand MS Windows nor want to <wry

I haven't responded to the rest of the post because it seems that it
should be directed to the original poster.

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