you must not have heard or faced a problem like this

Nilesh Naik qmailindia at
Mon Jan 6 17:32:57 UTC 2003

Hi Friends 

   since last 7-8 days i am facing very wiered problem
, and i am still not been able to locate 
the cause of this problem. 

  see the thing is that before 8 days i got the
complain from 2-3 customers of ours thaty they are not
been able to receive mails 
from their hotmail account , so to check this out i
used my hotmail account and sent few mails which i
sucessfully received. 

then i created few accounts on hotmail just for
testing purpose and tried to sent mails from those
test accounts , then i came to know that mail from one
perticular account was not getting delivered to our
mail server , i checked the logs but i found that 
i was not getting even the connection from hotmail

 with all the test messages i was marking a copy to
our other mail server which is also on the same lan ,
and connected via the same internet link , 

and the worst part is in last 8 days everything worked
peroperly for arond 2 days , i mean first3-4 days
problem then it worked fine for 2 days and now again
probs for last 2 days , 

so i guessed that the problem with with the DNS , bcoz
hotmail is not even intitiating the connection to my
mail server, 
now the same problem i have faced yesterday with yahoo
too, so i really feel some thing is wrong with DNS but
i am unable to find out , i have check my DNS zone
file around 100 times now , and dont feel any thing
wrong with it , 

can some one do "host -C" and let me
know whats wrong with it , or try some other commands
and kindly 
let me know whats wrong with it , my domain name is

and ya i am able to receive mails from other domain ,
can some one help me by sending a mail to
"coolnet at" with CC to
"qmailindia at" and kindly mention your
location also as subject line so that i can locate the
part of globe from where mails r not coming

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