Nameserver resolution: how it works?

Jeff Lasman jblists at
Tue Jan 7 16:23:07 UTC 2003

quiquepe wrote:

> Is it enough to change the IP address of the server, the corresponding
> entry of the dns name of this host and the record of this dns host at
> Network Solutions?

You need to register the IP# change with the registrar of the domain to
which your nameservers belong, and the IP# of the server.

Until your registrar changes the IP# your domain server could be down,
and hence your domain names, until the new IP# is in the root records
and your nameserver is answering to it... if you're changing multiple
nameservers at the same time this could be a problem.

You should not change all your nameservers at the same time, and you
should change your expiry times well in advance so your slave
nameserver(s) will continue to be authoritative even if the master is
down for a while after the change.

Alternatively, if possible, you could have your nameservers answer to
both the old IP and the new IP for a long enough period.

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