Which DHCP to choose ??

maurywind at interfree.it maurywind at interfree.it
Wed Jan 8 10:55:30 UTC 2003

Dear All,
I'm a Network Administrator for my Company, we have DNS "BIND" (Sun and Linux machines) and DHCP-Servers Microsoft Win2K. We have more problems about the update (.. delete actions into reverse zones) when the lease expired.. they take more time before to "inform" the DNS that the lease is expired above all about the "reverse zone"... for this reason there are some days that same ip is assigned to more hosts  !!!!.. it's wrong !!...
we have checking all configurations and we have tunning as best as possible the Servers and we have reduced the wrong rrs ( .. to changing the times... ) but we haven't eliminate the problem !.
So i'm making one important choose for to change our DHCP-servers WIN2K whit other (.. to install into LIUX machines) more performant and more stable !! Can you suggest some one ??


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